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Comcart®Social is social media marketing software for businesses and freelancers that will allow you to get the best organic reach from your posts!


From landing pages to posts, everything you need to effectively manage your social media presence, approve user-generated content (UGC) and share it with ease. With our solution, you can optimize your social media strategy quickly and intuitively. Simplify the process of creating and sharing engaging content while maintaining control over your online presence. We make your social media work more efficient and rewarding.

Campaigns & Give Away

Create engaging contests and giveaways to actively engage with your followers, and with our integrated CAMPAIGN system, you can collect their emails effectively. This way, you can continue to engage your followers by providing them with relevant content, updates and exclusive offers. Collecting emails through your promotional initiatives will not only increase interaction, but also help strengthen your connection with your audience and grow your online presence.


Identify authentic influencers and evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns through our integrated dashboard to identify which of them contribute the most to your conversion. Our platform allows you to collaborate with real, authentic influencers whose audiences are genuinely interested in your products or services. You can also monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time with our dashboard to see who is generating the most conversions. This will allow you to optimize your influencer marketing strategy, maximizing return on investment and audience engagement.

Schedule and Organize

Manage your editorial calendar easily and quickly, planning your content effectively while stimulating interaction and sharing among your followers through special rewards. Our platform allows you to plan your publications in advance, ensuring a constant and consistent social media presence. This will not only increase your visibility and engagement on social media, but also strengthen your connection with your audience, encouraging them to share your content with enthusiasm. With our solution, managing your editorial calendar becomes an effective strategy for creating lasting relationships with your followers.

AI Content Writing

Entrust our artificial assistant to do the most challenging tasks for you. Use it to create a wide range of content, saving you valuable time. Our assistant can generate high-quality text to meet your needs, whether it is for articles, documents, promotional messages, or anything else. Take advantage of this powerful resource to free yourself from burdensome tasks and focus on more strategic and creative tasks, while our artificial assistant takes care of producing high-quality content for you. Your productivity and the quality of your materials improve with this innovative solution.

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